Way2SMS has achieved 10 Million User Mark

Hyderabad, April 15th, 2010. We are excited to share the news across, WAY2SMS.COM a venture of Way2Online Interactive India Private Limited is now serving 10 million people across the country. It’s a large number, Just 8 months ago we served less than half as many people, and thanks to all our valuable users who have helped us in achieving this great milestone. The rapid pace of our growth is exciting for us and on the other we are equally working hard to serve you better. On this Occasion we would like to share several facts about way2sms Way2SMS is generating over 250 million page views every month.

Way2SMS is reaching over 28 million unique mobiles every month

Way2SMS is delivering over 225 million messages every month.

Way2SMS has delivered over 3000 million messages so far.

Way2SMS is reaching 10% of total internet audience in India according to comscore

Way2SMS is managing over 180 million contacts on its platform.

Currently way2sms is the fastest growing portal in India with a new acquisition rate of over 25000 new users a day.

Every way2sms user is recommending “way2sms” to atleast 2 other people. Growth has been driven by new features such as “email alerts on mobile”

Way2SMS was founded in DEC 2006. Way2SMS.com offers SMS communication totally cost free to mobile users, at the same time, enables advertisers to reach out to millions of mobile users through the revolutionary concept of ‘Mobitisement’ (advertisement on mobile phone). This pioneering effort has already captured the imagination of millions of mobile users across the country. More than 4 lakh users visit Way2SMS every day to connect with their near and dear ones. Mobile users can register at absolutely no cost with Way2SMS.com, and start sending out text messages to their near and dear ones across the country. Receivers of the messages need not be registered Way2SMS users.

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