Tata DOCOMO Unveils ‘Grab a Song’ Service for GSM and CDMA Customers

When you hear a song you like, anywhere—Grab it!

  • Voice recognition software identifies the chosen song quickly
  • Over 400,000 songs to choose from; in 20 Indian languages
  • Downloading music on phones made easier than ever before

In step with its efforts to bolster its entertainment-centric service portfolio, Tata DOCOMO, the unified telecom brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, has announced an innovative song search service, Grab a Song, for its GSM and CDMA customers. The service is yet another industry first from TTL, offering customers access to a massive music library of over 400,000 songs in 20 languages, any of which can be set as their ‘Call Me’ tune.

Announcing the launch of this unique service, Mr S Ramakrishna, Chief Operating officer, Andhra Pradesh, Tata Teleservices Limited, said “Tata DOCOMO is the leader in developing innovative VAS services on the mobile entertainment platform. This new innovative service caters to the increasing consumption of music and is aimed at cutting across geographical and socio-economic boundaries by providing easy access and downloads. This initiative is in keeping with TTL’s stated objective of providing a best-in-class and ground-breaking telecom experience to its customers—in this case, providing them easy access to the country’s best music in 20 different languages.”

The process to activate the service is simple—when a Tata DOCOMO customer hears a song he/she likes anywhere, all he/she has to do is dial 57878 and hold the phone near the speaker of the source of the sound, be it a TV, laptop, music system, car stereo, in a cinema hall and so on. As soon as the customer does this, voice recognition software at the back-end will match the song’s availability in the Tata DOCOMO ‘Call Me Tune’ database and identify it from within the vast collection. Within 30 seconds, the customer will receive an SMS confirming the activation of the service and the song details, including the movie or album it is from, and the name of the singer(s).

Tata DOCOMO customers can avail this service by dialing 57878, toll-free. Subscription charges for this path-breaking service are Rs 30 per month for both GSM and CDMA customers, whereas the song downloading charges would be Rs 15 for 90 days for GSM customers and Rs 10 for 30 days for CDMA customers. Customers can also search any song via SMS, simply by sending the Song Name & Movie Name to 57878. In addition, customers can also add their favorite song in the personal playlist at 578787. After adding the song, customers can check their playlists any time and set Call Me Tunes and Welcome Tunes.


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