Tata Communications’ Global Priority Ethernet Services Are Now MEF 9 and MEF 14 Certified

Priority Ethernet Services connecting India, APAC, US and Europe certified by global industry alliance

Tata Communications, a leading provider of a new world of communications, announced that its Priority Ethernet services are now certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) as conforming to the MEF 9 and MEF 14 specifications. This complements the already MEF certified Global Dedicated Ethernet Services, introduced by Tata Communications in 2006 and certified since 2007.

The Metro Ethernet Forum is a non-profit global industry alliance, comprised of over 155 of the world’s leading service providers and network equipment vendors. It develops technical specifications and implementation agreements to ensure interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet services worldwide. MEF Certification is highly regarded as a quality assurance symbol, having been attained by passing numerous compliance tests, conducted by Iometrix, the MEF approved certification test laboratory.

“Tata Communications holds the distinction of being the first global provider who earned the MEF 9 and MEF14 certifications for its leading Global Dedicated Ethernet Services, and now the certification of our Priority services shows our commitment to continuously enrich our offerings, deliver quality services to our customers and lead the Ethernet evolution” said Genius Wong, Senior Vice President, Global IP and VPN services.

MEF 14 ensures that the latency, jitter and packet loss performance of the services conforms to the rigorous MEF standards, while MEF 9 ensures the conditions required for delivery of services have specific Ethernet User Network Interface (UNI) and Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) service attributes. MEF 14 is also the first industry certification to include performance criteria, which helps to raise the bar on carriers’ services performance. “The MEF welcomes the commitment being made by companies such as TATA Communications to it certification program.” stated Nan Chen, MEF President. “Service providers across the globe have embraced MEF standards to deliver reliable, high quality and technically consistent Ethernet services to their customer base” he added.

Added Wong: “The certifications are of high significance to us, to assure our customers of seamless secure solutions, which adhere to highest industry standards.”

“The fact that Tata Communications’ Priority Ethernet Services are now MEF 9 & 14 certified independently endorses successful Carrier Ethernet performance following stringent testing by a third party,” said Joel Stradling, Senior Analyst at Current Analysis. “Global reach and the new MEF certifications differentiate Tata Communications’ message in the international marketplace, and looking forward the operator is in a good position to augment reach with more consistent and standardized Ethernet Network-to-Network Interfaces (E-NNIs) by working within MEF guidelines. E-NNIs are critical for Ethernet services as they establish a common language to bridge boundaries between different carriers.”

Tata Communications’ Global Priority Ethernet Services span over five continents: North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East and more than 120 cities across India, provides dedicated and cost-effective carrier Ethernet solutions seamlessly and securely. The Service, featured with a choice of configurations, bandwidth granularities, up-to four Classes of Service with interclass bursting, provides a high quality, scalable and cost effective Ethernet solution through out India and on a global scale.

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