Real Image Deploys RaptorQ for Digital Cinema File Delivery over Satellite Networks

Qualcomm Incorporated and Real Image Media Technologies announced an agreement to incorporate Qualcomm’s RaptorQ forward error correction (FEC) technology into Real Image’s file delivery software solution that runs directly on Real Image’s Qube XP digital cinema servers. The combined solution provides a reliable and cost-effective mechanism for delivering feature films to individual cinemas via satellite. Real Image’s initial deployment of RaptorQ includes 700 cinemas across India with plans for expanded implementation to nearly 2,000 theatres within the next 18 months.

“Fast, reliable and efficient digital cinema file delivery is critical to our business, where feature films are often required to be delivered to screens just a day before release,” said Senthil Kumar, co-founder of Real Image Media Technologies. “The RaptorQ enabled system will save us money in reduced network costs by reducing the need for retransmission as the network grows.”

RaptorQ FEC technology provides application-layer protection against network packet loss, over all wired and wireless including satellite and terrestrial networks. The Raptor encoder and decoder libraries allow file delivery and streaming services to recover data lost in transit and reconstruct it, without using a backchannel.

“The Raptor family of products has a long history of enhancing file delivery and streaming solutions,” said Valerie Wentworth, director of product management for Qualcomm. “We are excited to see RaptorQ has successfully addressed both Real Image’s content delivery challenges and their business model requirements. Qualcomm has made an effort to develop affordable licensing models to meet the needs of enterprises and service providers, large and small.”

RaptorQ is currently in final review in the IETF as a Forward Error Correction Scheme for Object Delivery. Final RFC publication is anticipated to be Summer 2011. RaptorQ file delivery and streaming demonstrations will be shown in the GSMA Embedded Mobile House at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain February 14 – 17.

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