IHR goes for complete makeover

India Hotel Review has given complete make over to its official website. In this total revamp more emphasis has been put on the areas like  presentation, positioning and navigation. The very first glimpse of the India Hotel Review’s website show cases an element of liveliness.  Balanced use of color tones, categorization of tour packages, introduction of trip quote-planning tool, browse the map tool, enhanced 500 tour package search, filter tool for searching hotels according to the budget and search tour packages on the basis of tags are the unique features which have been newly insinuated to make online operations more user friendly.

In terms of presentation, vivacious hues of colors have been been added on the home page’s tour packages, destination, hotels, articles, and travel guide sections. Colors represents the endemic character of the website. In this aspect India Hotel Review has wisely used various soft and extreme tones of color exhibiting the very own nature of all the tabs, properties,sections and features. The weekend tour section is braced with the light green color, pilgrimage tour in light orange color, travel guide in sky blue color section and ask question section in brown color drapes the whole website in the tapestry of various travel moods. Similarly in the same league, when the online visitors will penetrate deeper in the site they will observe that the positioning of the site has improved at its highest precision.

Top head of the website carrying the tour package, destination, tour package, hotels and Q&A tabs in white fonts and dark blue thick lineage are click sensitive. When the online visitors will click on the destination tab they will be navigated to different tour categories like the top destination, weekend destination and pilgrimage destination. Under these tour categories, 50 to 60 destinations can be seen enlisted alphabetically, and by clicking on these destinations, the travelers can purchase or register themselves for the particular hotel. For instance if the visitors are choosing the pilgrimage tour packages and opting for the Amba ji destination, then can choose the range of hotels enlisted in the same section.

“Finding Hotels by the name, star ratings, price per night, tags and facilities are the most unique features in the website which can make the search more user friendly. With in the hotels category, the online visitors can also view the Google site map for viewing the location of the particular city. But if the travelers want to reach any budget destination from the home page itself, the aspiring travelers can go to the browse budget destination section where map of India in dark orange color is shown. This Indian map is click sensitive and when the travelers will scroll mouse on the map, the states will start appearing in nano seconds and by clicking on one of the states, the travelers will automatically be steered to hotels page of the specific city or town”,said Ankit Rastogi.

While explaining more on the innovation part of the current structure of website, Ankit Rastogi (Co-founder and the Business head-India Hotel Review) said that similar types of categories have been created in the hotels tab. The people depending upon their budget can choose the best stay option from the categories of top hotels, weekend hotels, pilgrimage hotels and government hotels. With the help of the filters like star rating and price per night tools, the travelers can choose the right option suiting very well to their mindset. The trip quote is another interesting feature in which all the queries or quotes put up by the online visitors will be provided with free written consultation complemented by the price tag and tour itinerary . Conclusively, the entire navigation system has become so easy and user friendly that on line visitors would not experience any discrepancies while operating the whole web site”.

Carrying the same beacon of revolutionary changes , India Hotel Review will continue to bring big innovations in the domestic travel sphere. It will keep on covering more Tier II and Tier III cities in its on going trail of budget segment. In the coming days the regular followers will see the integration of IHR with the You Tube and Face book, which is surely the part of the seamless innovation churning process.


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