Freshdesk Announces Future Fund to Provide $10M in Online Helpdesk Support to 501 Startups Worldwide

Online helpdesk solution teams up with next breed of innovators to bring comprehensive support services to new businesses

Today Freshdesk, the fastest growing online help desk solution, announces phase one of its Freshdesk Future Fund to provide cutting edge customer support services to new companies. The fund will provide 501 startups and incubations with $10M worth of Freshdesk’s cloud based support solution for one year.

Startups have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new technologies and disruptive ideas. In order to capitalize on this innovative spirit, Freshdesk is teaming up with leading technology incubators and angel funds including: YouWeb, Tandem Entrepreneurs, Internet India Fund, 500 Startups and Proudly Made in DC.

Freshdesk will also be exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York next week with hopes to partner up with additional startups. For more information about the Freshdesk Future Fund, or if you’re a startup interested in learning how to participate, visit:

“Consumers today pick their favorite brands based on the ways the business engages with them,” says Freshdesk CEO, Girish Mathrubootham. “With the Freshdesk Future Fund, we hope to help fuel tomorrow’s Virgin, Southwest, and Zappos by equipping today’s startups with the right tools to provide state of the art support to their customers.”

Freshdesk understands the unique needs and financial constraints of startups as they grow and develop their businesses which is why it has developed a robust customer support platform that scales up to match the needs of a business. The Freshdesk Future Fund packages all the comprehensive features in Freshdesk that young businesses need to start generating customer love.

With the Freshdesk Future Fund, startups can get up to three full-time customer support agents on Freshdesk’s Garden plan free for an entire year. The plan includes multi-channel support capabilities with which startups can support their customers through email, phone, their website, Facebook and Twitter, all from one place. Startups can rest assured that they never miss out on a customer query, lead or sales question, with robust ticketing capabilities in Freshdesk.

The plan even includes community management capabilities through which startups can engage customers in discussion forums and allow their early adopters to suggest and vote on ideas. Entrepreneurs with multiple brands or product lines can support all brands from a single Freshdesk account.

“It’s great to have Freshdesk supporting entrepreneurs with their very sophisticated customer support software,” says Michael Mayernick, founder at Spinnakr and recipient of the Freshdesk Future Fund. “As most founders know, having a strong relationship with your first customers can be extremely important in growing the business, so Freshdesk will be contributing very directly to the success of these startups.”

Freshdesk is a social customer service software that allows companies to support customers through both traditional support channels like email and phone, as well as social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Widely used by startups and enterprise businesses alike, Freshdesk’s powerful features, easy to use interface, and freemium pricing model make Freshdesk a customer support solution that any business can afford.

To learn more about Freshdesk’s online help desk solution, visit:, or check out a demo at:

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