21fools launches India’s first Greeting Card Portal – Joy Cards

Spreading smiles and foolishness

www.21fools.com an online magazine which has been active since the last 23 months, has started its a greeting card e-commerce portal. The magazine and the greeting card store have the same aim, to make people smile with their content and designs.
In the fast paced world full of stress, negativity and dissatisfaction this small initiative 21fools is trying to infuse a little amount of happiness. Through their magazine which was launched on 12th may 2010, they have been focusing on journalism which is inquisitive but yet with a pinch of foolishness. Taking this initiative ahead they have launched ‘Joy Cards’, a greeting card portal which will aim at reviving the old trend of sending cards to our loved ones and making them smile.
The Joy cards are concept based greeting cards, designed in such a way that the customer can easily relate to them. The cards can be browsed on www.21fools.com/store and purchased there itself. The cards would be delivered to your shipping address within 3 days as promised by the website.

How the idea of 21fools was born?
Both the co founders were interested in hitchhiking experiences and travelled Rajasthan for 6 days. People were helping them to reach their next destination, giving them food to eat and letting them stay in their houses. They say, ‘We discovered so much about India and its people in those 6 days. And we observed that every individual was filled with so many stories. And every story made us smile, gave us inspiration and taught us things about life that no book or classroom could teach us. During that trip we realized that the world is filled with so much positivity and good people, but even then we are not happy. Why??? Because good people, good stories and good work are not told anymore.’ And that’s where the idea of 21fools was born.

Why Joy Cards?
Do you need a special day to make someone happy, make someone smile or make someone feel precious? Why can’t we just go and tell them on any day of the week that how awesome they are? Or how much you love them? Joy cards do that for you. Browse through these cards, select the perfect one for your loved ones and send it directly to their doorstep. Was sending cards ever so easy? Founded by two engineering graduates from Delhi College of Engineering Divyanshu Asopa and Surendra Chaplot, 21fools has a wonderful family of 150 writers working with them on volunteer basis. Along with Divyanshu and Surendra, Kaumudi Bhardwaj and Samarpita Sharma help them with the magazine and the Joy Cards.

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