‘5th 3G India 2009 International Conference’ to provide consensus building platform for 3G roll out ahead of the 3G auctions

High speed mobile downloads and live television on mobile will finally become a reality for over 450 million mobile subscribers in India as 3G in India has ARRIVED & is a REALITY! Public Operators have already been allotted 3G airwaves and the auction of 3G Spectrum to Private Operators is expected in December 09. With the announcement of auction date for much awaited 3G spectrum to private operators – there is a huge buzz in the Indian Telecom Industry, especially in the wake, the larger customer base India offers for 3G Services. Consumers are also waiting in anticipation for the superior 3G services.

The “5th 3G India 2009 International Conference” scheduled to be held in Mumbai on 23r October 2009 will play a significant role for the Indian telecom industry as the conference will focus on laying an India’s roadmap on 3G & it will showcase the bright future of third generation technologies and services in India. Along with bringing to the fore various policy issues affecting the deployment of 3G in India it will also address how will money be made out of delivering 3G services and how revenues generated should be shared between the various parties involved.

The key participants in 3G India 2009 are Ericsson,AlcatelLucent,Idea Cellular, Audiocodes,Spice,FSECURE,Bay Talkitec,GTL,RAD Communications,Livevana,Lepton Software and is Endorsed by Cellular Operators Association of India and Department of Information Technology – Ministry of Communications & IT

‘3G India 2009’ will offer a powerful forum to understand what service will provide the most value to the user and also the technical issues that need to be considered to ensure the success of the 3G strategies in India.

Mr. Shashidharan, Managing Director, Bharat Exhibitions the brain behind, 3G India 2009 commented,“All the leading operators in India are vying for the 3G spectrum and preparing to leverage the growth prospects through introduction of advanced services that target an enormous market”.

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